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November 12th 2011 4:12 pm

Are you having WiFi problems with the Nook Simple Touch after the 1.1.0 upgrade?

My Nook was doing just fine until Wednesday evening, when I was inside a B&N store and it wouldn't connect to the in-store WiFi. The girl behind the Nook counter simply restarted the Nook and it connected just fine, but today I am having the same problem again, and no amount of restarting seems to be doing any good.

Checking the Nook site, two bits of information became apparent:
  1. Many other Nook users are having this problem, see the thread here:­/t5­/NOOK­-Technical­-Sup...
  2. This problem is related to the 1.1.0 update released this week. The update is being rolled out as an automatic download to all Nook users "over the coming weeks and automatically install when the device is idle."
The problem does not occur for everyone, which is why the support staff is asking for information like router info:­/t5­/NOOK­-General­-Discu...

It looks like they're working on a fix... and when that comes out, you'll have to sideload it, of course. You can probably do that here, once the file has been updated:­/u­/Software­-Updates­-NOOK­-Sim...

Are you having problems with the WiFi this week? Have you found a reliable workaround in the mean time?
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Apparently pinging the device from your router is the solution. To do so, find the Nook listed in your "My Network" settings. This will vary from router to router, but this is how it is specifically with a FiOS set-up.

Then, head to, "View Device Details." You can then try connecting the Nook to the internet right as you "Test Connectivity" from the router. The two halves should meet in the middle and make a connection. Your mileage may vary, of course.
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