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October 12th 2011 1:59 pm

Best bluetooth headphones?

I want something that can be used for calls, daily listening at work and is versatile enough for running. I don't care so much about being able to run in the rain, but if sweat could be an issue that would be annoying. I am almost 6 feet tall and have a normal size head, hopefully that isn't a deciding factor though.

I just want something that I can pair my laptop, iPhone and possibly PS3 with and not look like I have a monstrosity on my head.

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Might also look at Jawbone, I have the Era. It's less comfortable than the Bose with just the ear piece, however it has numerous options and different sizes to suite most people. Works as a media player as well as for phone. Noise cancellation is pretty good and is why I bought it as I do a lot of talking on the road.

Hope this helps
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If One Ear Will Work
Might stop by a Bose store and try the Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2. The tip they use does a nice job keeping the headset in your ear and is comfortable. However, it is only for one ear and it is somewhat pricy.

Check out:­/Bose­-Bluetooth­-Headset­-Right­-Ear­/dp...
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