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November 8th 2011 8:26 pm

Best bluetooth headset right now for under $100?

What's the best bluetooth headset right now for under $100? I'm looking for something that isn't too "in your face", aka doesn't look like a small mammal living on your ear, but also has good sound quality. It should also be comfortable.

Thanks in advance!
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I quite enjoyed my Jawbone so I'd recommend a Aliph headset; small, minimal, subtle look. Also includes their patented noise cancelling technology Noise Assassin.

The latest model, the ICON HD (­/aliph­/icon­/hd/) is only $99.
Or the Jawbone ERA (­/aliph­/jawbone­/era/) is on sale for $99 on amazon (regular $129).
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If you don't mind purchasing discontinued models, check out the Jawbone options on amazon:­/s­/ref­=nb­_sb­_noss­?url­=search­-alias%3...

They have some great deals going on for outgoing models.
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Jawbone Icon or Icon HD. You can pick up a refurbished Icon on for cheap, that is, if you can get over the idea of it being covered in someone else's ear wax.
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