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July 31st 2013 5:53 pm

Best convertible PC with Digitizer?

Been on the hunt for a convertible machine for the last few weeks, but I keep hitting a wall. I desperately want a machine on which I can be productive (use Office, code, etc.) but also can take notes that aren't always best captured in words. For these reasons I've started to look for a machine with a digitizer that is portable.

I have a workhorse of a desktop at home, but need something to take to class, presentations, and team meetings where I might need to do some things on the fly. My dream machine would be competently powerful (run at least 1 vm as required), last the better part (if not all) of a day, and have a good screen (i.e., >1080P).

Among the machines I've looked at are:
  • Lenovo ThinkPad Helix
  • Lenovo Yoga
  • Dell XPS 12
  • Sony Vaio Duo 13
  • Surface Pro
Each of these is a compromise in someway. Ideally, I'd get either a Yoga or XPS 12 with Haswell and a digitizer for use in tablet mode. However, for whatever reason, Lenovo and Dell think this not a sell-able (or maybe buildable) machine.

Any suggestions given these requirements? Let's assume for now that budget isn't an issue.


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Personally for me i like the Helix.
i like that it can provide the full keyboard experience or i can undock it and use it as a tablet and it also has a Stylus. from reading its specs on the Lenovo site other the price this is not that bad once i took into account that the keyboard has a battery and USB 3, as well as having the Stylus and core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM, front and rear camera, NFC, and bluetooth. It does start with 128GB of storage.

My second choice would be the Surface pro with the type cover.

Either of these i think would be great device once Haswell versions of them are released.

At this point i am holding off from getting a new windows based machine till i start seeing more Haswell laptops.

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