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September 9th 2011 12:47 pm

Best in-ear headphones?

Hey guys,

I recently misplaced my Apple In-Ear Headphones, which honestly didn't thrill me too much, so I don't mind. At any rate, as you might be able to tell by the title, I'm looking for your opinions on the best In-Ear headphones.

Noise canceling is okay.

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I've been a fan of my UltimateEars but I know not everyone likes them. I have the MetroFi series which have done well enough for me. I want more low range sound out of them but for the money I spent I can't say I really complain.
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I'm personally not a fan of IEMs anymore, since most of them have failed on me on multiple occasions, but I suggest my favorite ones:

The Etymotic ER-4, they're expensive, but well worth the price. They sound incredible, ergonomics are odd, since they're longer than most other IEMs, but they're awesome. I wish one of my drivers didn't break on me.­/etymotic­/er­-4/
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i'm not the best judge of this, but I have found the "top" lists on cnet to be very helpful in providing a nice variety of choices to consider:­/best­-earbuds­/­?tag=

Good luck, Chris!
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Ultimate Ears if you want to spend money, if not go for the V-moda, you can get them really cheap and they are pretty good.
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SoundMagic E-30 is considered by audiophiles for having amazing sound for the price.­/soundmagic­-e30­_Headphones­_r...
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