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April 13th 2012 4:13 pm

Best iPad app to remotely control Home Theater Mac Mini

I have a Mac Mini connected via HDMI to my HDTV and I want to use my iPad to remotely control it. I am thinking of using a remote desktop app to do this.
Any app recommendations?
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I highly recommend Hippo Remote to control a HTPC from an iPhone or iPod Touch. It will work from an iPad as well, but it is more of a remote control software, not a see the screen thing. All I ever use is Hippo Remote and I love it for HTPC control.

As for a remote desktop style app for HTPC control, I highly recommend Splashtop.
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I've been using Remoter VNC for my iPhone (and now my new iPad) for the last 2 years for remotely checking on computers from across the office and at home. All you need to do is setup VNC on the Mac Mini and you can completely control it. It's not perfect for doing anything complex, but it will do the basics pretty well considering that it's controlling your computer from a touch screen. It's great on the iPad because of the screen size (you can zoom in too), but kinda clunky on iPhone, but that's just due to the smaller screen.­/ca­/app­/remoter­-remote­-desktop­-vnc...

It's on sale right now for $1.99
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Logmein. They have a free account & app to use. I use it and it works wonderfully. This should work great for your setup allowing you to completely control the Mac Mini...
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The missing piece is an app to remotely control the rest of your home theater equipment. Newer "network" AVRs from some of the better known vendors come with apps to control the AVR. Unfortunately, that won't help with the TV or with optical media players.

Logitech has an app, but it only works with the much reviled Revue. Too bad. Logitech probably has the best database of IR profiles out there, but I guess they don't want to eat into the sale of their Harmony line of universal remotes.
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