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June 17th 2013 9:41 am

Best place for purchasing music?

Where is the best place to buy music that will A. allow me to move the files without file restrictions B. give me the highest quality and C. have the files be an easy to use standard format, ideally MP3 over AAC.
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Does Amazon not hit all three of those requests?
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Since Googles inception of Google Music Beta (of which I was a part) now Google Play Music and the roll out of their streaming service for $8.99 (I got it for $7.99 by trying it free in june) I feel there is no better place for my music. its on googles cloud and available to me on my android phone my android tablet and my PC and Im not taking up valuable storage space on either of my portable devices. The quality is high I cant say exactly what bit rate but these are no poorly compressed MP3s Is it worth the $7.99 a month Im paying for any band any song? Yeah it sure is
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I have to say without a doubt iTunes is by far the easiest to deal with. I have my music on Both my PC Laptops One with Windows 7 Ultimate and I have a Dell with Windows 8 Pro and a MacBook Pro 17" an iMac 2.4 GHz and a Mini all with iTunes, all of my 5000+Photos and my many GiG's of music on Both PC and Macintosh. Pete
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I think you're asking a out-dated question. Why would you want to buy music when you can get the library of the world for 10$ a month! The answer would be, Spotify :-)
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