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February 20th 2013 11:25 am

Best storage device available under $200?

Just bought a 2012 retina Macbook pro. I love everything about it except that the hard drive size is about the same as my old laptop from 2007 (SSD will do that). I'm currently debating between these choices for upgrading my storage device from a 1TB WD My book from 2008 to one of these. I will be mainly storing photos, digital copies of blu rays and some music and home movies.

I don't travel that much, but when I travel I would like to bring this. I want at least 1TB and have a budget of between $100 and $200. I like the Seagate Wireless Plus the most, but won't be able to use my Thunderbolt port, unless I buy an expensive adapter later. I really like the wireless streaming, but it is $200 and the speed of the streaming from it concerns me. Also, it's a new device so the new features and issues aren't as clear as a standard external hard drive.

I like the Buffalo thunderbolt device because it has USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt and comes with the cables. I like the Buffalo extreme because I can drop it and the USB 3.0 cable is attached. I like the Seagate Backup because it's the cheapest and I can buy a thunderbolt dock later. I like the Seagate FreeAgent because it's the highest rated and cheapest for the space on this website, but it's the least portable.

As some background, I usually stream my music from Pandora and mostly play movies from blu rays or Netflix. My wife has a 2011 MBA with a thunderbolt port and no usb 3.0 ports. We do not own a thunderbolt cable at this time because they are $30. My rMBP has two usb 3.0 ports and two thunderbolt ports.

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