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August 30th 2011 11:14 am

Best Windows Laptop for Under $800?

I'm not looking for anything too special. But cheap would be nice. I
wouldn't say I need a huge hard drive, as I don't hold much on it, and
the one I currently have is like 100GB and it has served me fine. I
would like to stick with Windows 7.. The only little thing I
might want would be a somewhat decent video card, as from time to time
I still get random urges to play games.
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Inspiron 15R
Seems like the best bang for your buck, more ram than the Y570 below, but the Y570 has a slightly better videocard.
$749 (Core i7 (2nd gen), 6gb ram, 15", 640gb drive, NVIDIA 525M)­/us­/p­/inspiron­-15r­-n5110­/pd­?oc­=dndov35...

Lenovo Y570
$799 (Core i7 (2nd Gen), 15.6", 4GB ram, 500GB drive, NVIDIA 555M)­/us­/notebooks­/ideapad­/y­-series­/y570

HP dv6t
Not quite as nice as specs as the 15R or the Y570 above but wanted to add this in to cover the HP equivalent in price range for comparison (although processor and video card could be upgraded).
$750 (Core i5 (2nd Gen), 15", 6gb ram, intel graphics)­/webapp­/shopping­/series­­?...

Alienware M11x
Since you mentioned games I wanted to add this in just for comparison, alienware first jumped to mind, but they're over priced if you compare it to the dell above:
$749 (Core i3 (overclocked), 8gb ram, 11", 320gb drive, NVIDIA 335M)­/us­/p­/alienware­-m11x­-r3­/fs
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For under $800 and a decent video card, I'd have to agree with Mitchellmckenna and recommend the Alienware M11x.
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