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July 18th 2013 1:16 pm

Best Windows Phone apps for FB chat, Feedly, Instagram?

Yesterday I got a very good deal on a new Nokia Lumia 520, and since I wanted to learn more about Windows Phone 8 I am going to be using it as my daily driver for the next bit.

So far, three things I use regularly don't seem to have that great of an experience.

Facebook chat is the top thing I am scrambling to get a good replacement for. There is integration between the OS and FB chat, but it seems unreliable at pushing me notifications. I am giving IM+ a try at the moment.

My RSS feeds are synced to Feedly. I haven't looked into apps for this yet.

Ditto for Instagram. I don't think there is any decent replacement for this, but I won't be too heartbroken if this is the case
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For Feedly, try NextGen Reader.
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Nextgen Reader is a great Feedly client, also Phonly is not bad at all.

6tag by Rudy Huyn is the best Instagram app out there, most people that try it say it's better than Instagram for iOS/Android.

I'm not sure about the Facebook chat, I read somewhere that Microsoft is looking to improve OS integration.
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