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January 9th 2014 5:52 pm

Biggest and best USB hub that I can get?


I got cables all over my desk. They're everywhere. I have a random cheap 4-port USB hub, but I need MORE ports! And more power, cause it can't charge my iPhone and iPad at the same time. What are good USB hubs that have more than 5 ports and potentially offer enough voltage to charge up my nice devices.

Oh and hey. WHy not make it USB 3.0 too.

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Hey buddy you can do all that the only thing you have to do is buy a new Motherboard with USB 3.0, and that is not very practical so, the extension you use can be connected to a USB power sources From a Plug point because a USB Port from you Desktop or a laptop cannot provide as much power you want and to charge both as you experience
A port like­/Family­-Sized­-Desktop­-Charger­-Smartp... like the one on the link should do your Job. Enjoy :)
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