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January 7th 2012 3:21 pm

Blu-Ray player with built-in Closed Captioning decoder?

HDMI has no support for old-school closed captioning. Blu-Ray discs deal with this by having English subtitles. Many DVDs do as well. However, many DVDs, especially of TV shows, especially British TV shows, just have old-school closed captioning encoded in the NTSC signal.

That means that if I want to watch those discs with closed captioning, I either have to use a player connected to my TV via RCA cables or my player has to decode the closed captioning itself. I would rather watch my Blu-Rays via HDMI, which pretty much means having separate Blu-Ray and DVD players, which I'd rather not have.

So I really want to find a Blu-Ray player that has a closed captioning decoder built in. This information is even harder to find than you'd think.

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Have you tried hooking it up through composite cables? You'll still get the NTSC signal, but not through HDMI. I'm not sure if this would work, but it's worth a shot.

I deal with captioning a lot through work at broadcast level, believe me they are a pain in the ass
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Also, not all TV's have equal composites [comp.]. For instance my rear projection worked with comp. but when I upgraded to a plasma, no such luck. I ended up having to use coaxial, and well, that's not great. So I ported my computer, via HDMI, over as a second monitor and watch that on my plasma. My understanding is that in March 2014 the FCC's new rules make it so new blu-ray model's will have decoders built in all new payers. I still can't find one.
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