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Buy Nexus7 in Canada with lowest price

Hi everybody,
One of my friends will come from Canada. I want to order him a google nexus7 16GB. The didn't list this device. They listed 32GB with price: $270.
I mailed them to know, but they didn't answer yet and also they dont have a chat feature.
Is there anybody who lives in Toronto, Ontario and knows how to buy nexus7 16GB for $210?
Thanks everybody.
Best regards,
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I personally go to (or one of the retail stores), after pricematching with Google's store.
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Thanks for suggesting this site.
But i checked it, and it costs as expensive as other stores in Ontario ($239).
Do you know any other store?
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hpka is right. You will not find it in store for less than $230, UNLESS you price match.

The price on google play (after tax and shipping) will be over $230 with the HST in Ontario.
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