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March 12th 2012 12:31 am

By next holiday season do you expect HTC to get Playstation Suite certification for an Android device or will I do better to get the PS Vita?

I play puzzles and platforms. Nintendo's screen resolutions leave me wanting more.

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Even if HTC gets certification, which I do not think it will, the PS Vita will always be the more powerful gaming device with unique controls and a larger game library.

I suggest getting the Vita
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Any phone will not be the hottest device for more than 1 year. The PS Vita will be the hottest portable gaming platform for at least 2 years. Sony introduced the PSP-1000 in 2005. They did introduce the PSP-2000 in 2007 and PSP-3000 in 2008 followed by the PSPgo in 2009, but the first one plays all the same games as the bunch and will be the hottest platform until Sony makes another iteration.

PSP-1000, heavy
PSP-2000 Slimmer, lighter
PSP-3000, better screen, slightly lighter
PSPgo- smaller screen, bluetooth, slider, ultimately a failure

That's my progression when I think of the PSP models, it's up for debate so feel free to add in your experience as well.

Here is what I imagine the Vita's progression will be:

PS Vita- heavy, short battery
PS Vita2- lighter, slimmer, longer battery life
(dream) PS Vita3- built in projector, dockable to laptop, smartphone replacement

I don't see Sony making the jump to a new model until after PS4 is released or at least 2 years. Any current PS Vita owner can buy a Nyko grip charger for $25 (when it comes out) to extend battery life.

Nyko grip charger
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