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December 18th 2011 10:57 am

Can an imported Playstation Vita be localized for the US PSN store?

I'm going to Hong Kong in about a week and I'm thinking of getting a wifi PlayStation Vita there since it'll be released there before it comes out here in the US in Febuary. I'm concerned that if I buy the PSV there, I'll be stuck using the Asian PSN store and that I won't be able to use it with the US PSN store.

Does anyone know if I can change the settings for it to be localized for the US?
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I asked Shuhei Yoshida myself on Twitter and here's what he said: "@TimChoi89 Yes, but the US store won't be open till the US launch of PS Vita."

Looks like I have a good chance of picking this up in HK!
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Yes. I bought mine in Taiwan. You can change all your settings as you would an imported PS3. One thing though, you'll have to put up with O for Confirm and X for Cancel (reverse of US).
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It can you just need different memory cards for each account
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