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November 26th 2011 2:35 pm

Can anyone help me find a laptop with these specs?

I'm looking for a laptop. But here's what I'm looking for:

These are a must:

at least 1 USB 3.0 port but must have at least 2 usb ports
An HDMI port (In and out if possible
touch screen (possibly a convertible laptop) and a camera (for video chat. i don't plan on sing this for photography. it looks stupid)
Can't be over 14 in in width, High-Res Display.
Optical drive not necessary. looking for a thin laptop.
Core i5 or i7 cpu, max out ram at 8 GB (can't sit pretty t 4 gb or ram)
1 gb of discreet or dedicated graphics.
WiFi N compatable

These are optional:

Light peak (aka thunderbolt)
built in battery
edge to edge glass.
SD Card Slot

Can someone point me to this laptop? I would be ETERNALLY GREATFULL.
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I really don't think there's a laptop in the world with NFC. I mean, you could put an NFC sticker on one, but I have never heard of a laptop that comes equipped with NFC for data transfer from the HD or SSD..

Secondly, it will be even harder to find a laptop with a touch screen that has both an HDMI out and in. I don't think this has ever been made either. The only laptop I've ever seen with an HDMI in is an Alienware M17x (­/article2­/0,2817,2387705,00.asp) and it does not have a touch screen.

Unfortunately, at the moment, you're not going to be able to find this laptop on the market. Unless you want to try and make one yourself out of all the components, (making laptops is pretty difficult) you're not going to be able to find a laptop with these specs anywhere.

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You are not going to find such a laptop. The asus u36sd is my favorite laptop that would have as much of what you looking for as any other, good luck.
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There are fairly cheap USB NFC reader/writers you can buy. I haven't seen any built into laptops just yet. However, that will happen pretty soon since companies such as Intel are jumping on the bandwagon.
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Wow man! Talk about an unreasonable request!
It may take another two year before we see a laptop like that!
And it could be over 2 GRAND!
Wait a this a joke?!
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