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October 21st 2011 9:04 am

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive Lion-compatible scanner for both flatbed and film?

My old inexpensive Canon 8400F was a great scanner — flatbed for paper, negative holder for film, and it also had software that let it double as a copier. It only did 4800dpi, but that's enough for my needs.

But the drivers aren't Lion compatible, so I'm shopping for a replacement. And the major scanners like the Epson V700 are expensive, in the $500 range. Any bargains out there?
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Have you looked at the Epson V600? It got a decent review at www.imaging­­/SCAN­/V600­/V600.HTM and is currently on sale through for $199.99 vs the regular price of $249.99. Check for their prices as well.
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That's just what I needed. The quality is fine for my purposes and it's way cheaper than the V700. And I found it on Amazon for $168 with free ground shipping. Thanks!
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