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May 19th 2011 8:32 am

Can carriers make customisations to the core menu itself?

Just wondering, because it's been a while since I used an (unlocked) Bold - the old one, and while referring to the Blackberry manuals for various advanced options and what I see on this handset isn't what the instructions are pointing to. This is a Vodafone-branded handset.

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I know they can with Android devices. Many unlocked Android devices that are released before a carrier officially launches them come without bloatware that is somehow an integral part of the OS by the time it gets to you.

I know that the Samsung Galaxy S II unlocked version has a couple special app pre-installed by Samsung, but I guarantee that when AT&T picks it up, it will come with AT&T Code Scanner, and AT&T Navigator etc... Without rooting the phone, you cannot uninstall applications.

So, yes, it does seem that carriers are able to specify changes they want made to a phone's OS before it is released.
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They Can on BlackBerry as well. For example, AT&T has removed the Call Barring feature from the software builds on they're devices in order to force customers to use AT&T Services.
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