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April 14th 2013 4:13 pm

Can I upgrade the power supply on this desktop? - Asus Essentio CH5275-AR003

I am looking to upgrade the video card with a GeForce 9800 card but it requires a PSU of at least 550 watts. If I purchase a new PSU that holds 550 watts, will I be able to install it on this desktop? Will I have to remove the old one and install the new one? How does it work? Also, will I have to remove the old video card to replace it with a new one? Not sure with this specific desktop.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I assume you mean ASUS Essentio CG5275-AR003 and the H was a typo.

Yes you can!

I have the same desktop and I upgraded the power supply, added a fan, and added a graphics card and now it plays games flawlessly!

Before doing anything make sure everything is unplugged and powered off.

This desktop does not have a stock graphics card, it uses the motherboards onboard graphics, so all you have to do to add a graphics card is find the PCI express slot and snap the card in. Most card will go in pretty easily, put the back of he card in first, than the front.

You will need unplug all the connections from the old power supply, than unscrew it from the back of the case before you can ad the new power supply. However, when removing the old power supply, the 24 pin connector that goes into the motherboard was kind of stuck, it took some time and effort but eventually I was able to get it out without damaging anything.

Also, I was not able to remove the connection that powers the ASUS logo light on the case, and I had to rip it out, so you will not have the glowing ASUS logo anymore.

After you screw in the new power supply to the back of the case, make sure you connect everything to the new power supply, than it should boot up and run perfectly! Just make sure you download the latest driver for your graphics card!
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