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December 22nd 2011 9:16 am

Can I use Google Voice for voicemail on Verizon?

My favorite part about Google Voice is using it for voicemail. Unfortunately, in the initial Google Voice setup on my Galaxy Nexus, it tells you that my carrier doesn't support that action or something. Apparently Verizon just wants to squeeze money out of their customers because they have their own visual voicemail but its $36/year (see also: phone and data plan costs).

Is there a workaround I can use in order to use Google Voice for voicemail on Verizon?
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Hey Brett,

I work for VZW... dial this on your phone: *71 [Your GV #] then hit Send — (*71-###-###-#### then Send)

You will then hear some tones.

FYI, this counts as a call forward so it will use some of your minutes.
Let me know how this works.
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If you don't have a voicemail system on your Verizon number but you are giving people your GV number instead of the actual Verizon number, they will get directed to the GV voicemail. If you have Verizon voicemail, just cancel it. GV's voicemail system is fabulous. Plus, it is nice to get those comical attempts at transcription in your Inbox. They make for great comedy relief in the midst of a stressful day. :D
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I've been using Google Voice with my Droid X on Verizon since last year and never had to pay a cent to use the voicemail feature. It's been a few months since I've installed GV on my phone, but it never said that my carrier doesn't support it.
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I've also been using Goolge Voice on my Droid X on Verizon for a year or so. When I set it up on my Galaxy Nexus I got same message you did. Something or other about not being able to take over the voicemail. I set it up anyway and it works fine.
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Like Cass, I've also been using Google Voice on Verizon ever since I picked up a Droid X a long while back.

Nice thing is: I activated it the first time, and haven't had to re-activate it since. Since it's tied to your number, you don't have to worry about re-establishing it as your preferred voicemail each time you upgrade your phone or flash a new ROM or anything.

The only tricky part is remembering to install the Google Voice app whenever you do upgrade or do any ROMing.

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I have been using Google Voice for voicemail on my galaxy nexus no problem from day one.
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I had this same problem setting up Google Voice on my Galaxy Nexus today.

If you go to your GV settings, there should be a link next to your GN number: "Activate Google voicemail on this phone".

That will run you through the voicemail setup (essentially, just dial *7 + Your Number), and all calls to your GV and regular phone number will be routed to the GV voicemail.

Edit: Somehow I completely missed taiwanbrown's answer above. Oddly enough, Google doesn't seem to warn you that this method is essentially just call forwarding.
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