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February 25th 2012 5:31 pm

Can i use Zune service on Kin Onem?

Last week i have ordered a Kin Onem. I have bought it for using on Wi-Fi network or for Zune service like a Zune player. As you know it is a CDMA phone. So it is not supported in my country, therefore i won't be using it as phone. However i don't clearly know but i hope i will use it with my Zune account and Zune software any ideas? Additionally, i read many forums saying that i have to activate the phone from Verizone web site. Do i have to activate or unlock it to be able to use on Wi-Fi network? And does it support the present Zune software?

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I have received my Kin One yesterday. I will say that it's pretty good device. But the software feels like incomplete as it is known :) . However it will easly be used like any Zune device which MS unfortunately canceled to produce them. Small and unique looking makes it attrective :) . Also you can attach your mail - browse web - take photos - set an alarm :P. From my point of view it still offers a lot of features for 40$ price.
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Yea you can use it with the zune service.­/en­-us­/products­/kin/­/en­-us­/products­/learningcenter­/kin­/def...
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