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September 29th 2011 1:28 pm

Can the Kindle Fire be side-loaded?

Is it possible to side-load content into the Kindle Fire? Can one download an .apk from the Google Marketplace and install it via side-load? What about movies, music, and pictures?
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I'm not sure if you'll be able to sideload an APK from the Google Market, but supposedly they will allow installation of apps not from the Amazon App Store:­/article2­/0,2817,2393740,00.asp­#fbid­=...
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Well then I guess it's good that the Google Apps are showing up at GetJar.­/google­-apps­-have­-new­-downlo...

I think the smart move by Google is to get on the Fire any way that they can. Not clear whether this is an "official" move or not. We all know the market will be on the Fire somehow, but they should make it as easy as possible for the average consumer.
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