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August 31st 2011 1:45 pm

Can this run Android?

I know this is almost impossible but it's actually an interesting thought, what if the DS lite could run Android, I wonder how that would be? Thoughts?
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I would have to dig but it might be based on linux. If this is the case you could be able to port Android on to the device.You would have to build the Android source code though.
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I imagine it would be like a Kyocera Echo, if that makes any sense. Actually, I do remember a hack about a year ago that got Android running on a DS via a card, but I have absolutely no idea what it was called. Anyway, if you're asking how the DS would be if it ran Android, I think it would be interesting because that in turn would open the door to the Android app store and all of it's games too. However, I don't see this happening EVER either because that's just doesn't seem like Nintendo at all.
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The Nintendo DS could run android. It is highly doubtful that this will happen, and even if it did happen it wouldn't run well. Support for this type of thing would be EXTREMELY limited. I have been in the DS Scene for a VERY long time, and I ran a NDS website for years, so I am not talking out of my ass. I am saying this from experience.

Android can run on the iPhone 3G and a few other devices, and they have pretty good processors in comparison to the DS. Android runs terribly on these devices, and they have pretty decent development too. So as far as the DS being able to practically run Android, I would have to say no. Also, even if Android was working on the DS, it would be far away from being able to play apps/games. Just because you can emulate/run a OS on a console doesn't mean you have all the goodies that come with it.

Say one day we can run android on the nintendo ds. Well if/when that happens WiFi most likely won't work. Graphics-Acceleration won't work. And many other things. So games/browsing won't even be possible. These things take time to develop, and they don't have enough of a demand to happen. It is more practical to find Android released on Tablets/Smartphones that weren't expected to run android.

If the 3DS had android, then it is possible because the processor is much faster than the original DS. However, the 3DS can't even run homebrew yet, and 1:1 game playback isn't even finished by crown3ds (which might not even be real). If in fact we do one day hack the 3DS to the scenes desires, then hope to see android on it.

Final Note: You won't be seeing android on a DS, and if you ever do, it won't run well. Period. Look towards other devices for this functionality.
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