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March 19th 2012 6:57 pm

Can you charge a NOOK color without the real charge

I got a NOOK color for Christmas. A couple of nights ago I started charge it I came back to my and I heard a pop noise and I look at my NOOK color charge a it was not working and I was going take it back out and put it back in to see if it work. When I did the front piece of the charge was broke I tried to fix it but it did not work. And I do not have a new one is there any way to charge my NOOK color. If know anyway please respond. Thank you
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I've found that a standard microUSB cable from a e.g. cell phone charger will charge the Nook Color, as long as you keep it with the wifi and screen off, and you are willing to leave it like that for 12 hours or so. But the real charger and cable are the only way to charge it quickly. They have an extra row of pins on the opposite side from the USB contacts and that is used to push much more power than the standard USB connection does.
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