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June 8th 2012 1:41 pm

Can you prevent the home screen from reseting when swapping memory cards?

I'm probably in the minority, but I bought my Vita with an 8GB card that is now feeling a bit cramped. I've ordered a larger capacity card, but I've noticed that when I remove the card, the Vita totally resets the order of things on the home screens (excepting permanently installed apps) and doesn't recover my old setup upon reinsertion of the card.

Is there something in settings that I'm missing? Failing that, is there some idea as to what dictates the order games and apps are listed once you've reinserted the card? It appears that the new order they're listed in is consistent, but I have no idea how that order is determined (it's not alphabetical or in order of installation, I can tell you that). I'd like to use the 8GB card for old PSP and PSOne games, but I really dislike having to move everything around every time I swap cards.

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