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Canon EOS 7D vs EOS 5D Mark II? having a hard time to choosing...

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Just got the Canon 7D after sticking around with the Rebel series. I've never had a full frame camera and the one thing that is preventing me from doing it is the lenses...there are a couple of lenses I have that won't work on full frame. The range is different for full frame (5DMKII) and non-full frame (7D). You might get better enjoyment out of the 5DMKII, but it'll be a bit more of an investment.

If you have any lenses, I'd encourage you to check to make sure those lenses work on the 7D or the 5DMKII before making your body purchase...that can affect it. If no lenses, then go to the 5DMKII.
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They are complementary.

Short answer is 5D has better (less) high ISO noise and being a full frame gives better bokeh / shallower DOF while the 7D has better AF and being a crop gives more reach.

But indeed you need to take into account the lenses you may already have: EF-S lenses are not compatible with the 5D and the crop factor of the 7D need to be taken into account.

If you are into sport photography or wildlife photography, the 7D may be a better choice IMHO while the 5D would be better for portrait or "artistic" photography.

You can also wait for the 5D mkIII :)
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7D's strength:
Better AF
Better LCD
Better burst
Can use EF-S lens if you want

5D MkII's strength
Full frame
More MP
Lower noise at higher ISO
better viewfinder coverage
shallower DOF
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What is your current lens situation like? Personally, I'm planning to eventually make the move over to full frame bodies at some point, so given the choice, I'd go with the 5D Mark II!

Any specific things you're looking for in a body, such as video recording?
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Depends on what you want to do with the camera. I got the 5D Mark II. it is fantastic camera but sometimes I wish the flash is built in and I can use the EFS lenses.
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It depends what you are shooting with it really. (and what you want to spend)
As pointed out the 5D has better low noise/High ISO for low light situations. The 7D has a longer effective focal length for a given lens length. If you have a 200mm lens it's like having a 320mm on the 7D. Of course if you want wide angle for landscape that works against you and you need a 10-22mm lens instead of a 16-35mm.

I think most of the other technical details have been pointed out.

I don't think you'd necessarily "get more enjoyment" from the 5D Mk iI. It again, depends on what you want to shoot with it.
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Depends on what you primarily shoot. Short ans, if you have the money get both

7D: Wildlife, sports and 17-55 2.8 [This is best walk around canon makes]

5D mk3: For baby, landscape and higher ISO
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