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February 18th 2012 9:04 pm

Closed platform? Open platform?

I'm interested to see what the overall feeling is in 2012 in regards to this.

I have been a simultaneous Android and Blackberry/WP7 user over the years and I always prided myself in my Android loyalty and scoffed at those who claimed the open-ness of Google's OS hampered the overall user experience.

Last month I received my first iPhone and I think I'm starting to pull a 180. I believe at this point, especially after experiencing iOS firsthand, Google should really consider pulling in the reigns and at least mirror Microsoft's minimum hardware spec strategy going forward and limiting, if not eliminating, custom skins on top of Android.

I fully understand the point of the Nexus line of phones but at the same time there is a lot to be said of the different OEMs in the market today (HTC, LG, Pantech, Samsung, and Motorola...kinda) and the difference in qualities that they all bring to their handsets.

To summarize, would it really be such a horrible thing if Google made the stance of "That's it guys, going forward all we want you to do is maximizing the potential of our software by ONLY cranking up the specs on your hardware"?
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I have to admit that I kinda agree with you for one good reason: no OEM has, thus far, shown any kind of extra added value or improvement over the "pure Google" Android. Or, maybe I'm wrong and someone would be so kind as to give me a good example.

I don't mind that OEMs change the look of some icons, I understand that they want the look of the OS to match the varying looks of their phones or of their brands. This is ok as long as it doesn't obtrude deeply with the performance of the phone or the OS. I really wonder, however, if OEMs truly believe that people will buy their phones over anyone else's because of the particularity of their skins??? Do people say: "I like Touchwiz so much, and that's why I bought a Samsung"?

To answer the question, no, I don't think Google should force OEMs to issue a "pure" OS. The OEM should realize on their own that they're only hindering themselves by releasing great phones, with one of the best OS, but littering it with garbage that adds no extra functionality.
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