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November 21st 2012 12:30 am

Color Preference: Black? White?

I think I'm breaking down Friday and picking this bad boy up. The value of the Playstation Plus offers are too good to pass up (damn you Sony). I know in the US we have the Black and White bundles. Does anyone have any issues with the black versus the white? I know the white Vita is newer, but is it smudging or showing grime easily? Or is the black Vita too much of a finger print magnet?

It's too bad we don't have the slick blue and red ones that are in Japan to add to the choices. I'm leaning towards white for the Assassin's Creed bundle as Black Ops is reviewing terribly. Thoughts?

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Black. my bro has it, it looks boss. and finger prints aren't an issue. very easily cleaned and maintained

although whit woulnd't be a bad choice either. but I personally would go with black
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I had the same issue: I didn't know to get the white Assassins Creed Liberation bundle or the black Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified bundle. I really wanted Assassins Creed Liberation, but I leaned toward the black Vita, knowing very well that Declassified would be utter crap.

I chose black because it matched my other devices, wouldn't really stick out when I used it, and I figured that it wouldn't really show off any scuffs/scratches/smudges/etc that may happen to it and such.

Finger prints will happen, of course, but I was rather surprised that it didn't seem to be as bad as the original PSP-1000s, which where a total finger print magnet from what I remember. As with any touch device & such, keep a cleaning cloth handy.

Though, when it comes down to it, I guess either color will be fine as long as you're careful with it. I never seen a white Vita in-person, so I couldn't say much on it.

So, curious: Which one did you end up getting, if you did get one?
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I opted for the White Vita and love it. I've never owned a white gadget before, so the change is refreshing.

The best argument I've heard for the black Vita is that the screen can sort of sink or blend in with the base of the unit creating a type of cohesive illusion. It'd also slim the appearance of the Vita a bit. The white Vita contrasts with the screen and the unit looks as big as it is. But no regrets on my part.
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