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February 11th 2010 6:29 am

Comcast PVR

So, bought this TV, hooked it up to my motorola pvr (don't know the version off hand, I'm at work) with an hdmi cable, get a green screen. Hooked it up with component cables, get a wicked green tint to everything. Hooked it up with co-ax cable, everything looks fine. I've double checked connections, etc. Same HDMI cable, same HDMI port on TV, colors look beautifully from 360. Looks like (to me) it's an issue with my cable box. Anyone else have any troubles like this?

I spoke with Comcast, and they claim it's a known issue, but with Panasonic tvs, and the woman I spoke with said this was news to her that it was an issue with the Philips.

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