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September 7th 2011 11:39 am

Considering selling my Turtle Beach PX21 and buying this. Suggestions?

How is the battery life? Are the volume dials easy to figure out between raising and lowering the game and chat volume separately? Often times I turn off/down the chat volume because 12 year olds are annoying and ridiculous while playing Call of Duty.

I really like the look of this but am curious how comfortable is it for an extended gaming/movie session. Can I pair this set with my iPhone like the really expensive turtle beach headsets? That would be a big selling point for me.
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The battery life is pretty good (better than Sony claims in some cases) and is consistent with Sony's claimed time of 8hours.
From what I've seen of the headset in youtube videos, they are easy to figure out.

Apparently they've very comfortable; some people say they've used them from fully charged until dead and had no discomfort.
No you can't; this only works with the USB dongle that comes with it and thus only works with PC and PS3.­/watch­?v­=bUTKXLb44U (this guys claims to consistently get 9.5hours battery life if you read his comments) That video will show the volume controls etc.­/articles­/119­/1192669p1.html Review.

I watched a different video and the guy who made it also had PX21's and he said in the comments that they were better. Can't find that, though.
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The battery life on these is pretty solid. I picked mine up this morning and let them charge while Battlefield 3 updated (about an hour). I've used them for 7 hours so far and have only knocked 2/3 off of the battery.

As for comfort, they aren't bad. The ear cups are faux-leather and don't breathe at all. That can get a little sweaty after a while. People with more protruding ears could have a problem with the sloped speaker design inside the ear cup. The band padding is nice and thick, though, and the total weight of the unit is quite comfortable.

There is a slider that adjusts the ratio of game sound to chat sound on the audio control side of the headset (the left side). The volume slider is on the opposite side of the chat/sound slide and the stereo/surround button is on top. The only somewhat confusing control is the power/mic mute; you push the whole side of the unit to turn it on.

The audio quality is solid, even with the synthesized surround sound.
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