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February 6th 2010 5:59 am

Cord replacement

Just wanted to let everyone know that if your cord is damaged, go to your nearest Bose retailer and get it replaced. In my initial review of these on gdgt, I mentioned that I thought the cord was a bit flimsy. After using these for about five months, the mini-jack end separated from the rubber shielding and exposed the wire.

The next day I went to the Bose store, and they immediately replaced it with a new one - no questions asked. I think Bose must have realized just how flimsy the original cord was, because the new one I received has noticeably thicker shielding (not by much, but noticeable) and the mini-jack end is a different design that looks like a standard 90-degree plug as opposed to the old end that was pretty small and was about 120 degrees.

I did notice that the sound coming through the new cord was quieter than with the original. In my opinion the sound quality is just as good if not better, and I wasn't listening to anything really loudly anyway. I just noticed that I now have my iPod volume set consistently higher with the new cord.

Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that Bose has updated the cord for the QC15. And who knows, you might be able to bring in a perfectly functioning one and get it replaced, if you think you need to. Wouldn't hurt to try if you don't like the original design.

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I just called the Bose store at the Mall of America (I live in Minneapolis, and the Bloomington Suburb, including the store at the Airport are the only Bose stores in town.) Anyhow, he said to "come in and we will see" and that no matter what the cords would be $15 if they "needed to be replaced". They are both falling apart. Evidently the free cords are over.
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The original cord is so fragile, I gasp every time I accidently pull too hard and it comes out of the head set. Also, not making it with a standard (old fashioned full sized) is a mistake and shutting out the audiophile market. I don't need to add any more connections (converters). With an extension I have three now.

All in all it is a greaat product despite this.
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I have the 90 degree angle cord, and it hasn't been fragile for me at all. In fact, I've accidentally yanked on it a number of times when getting caught on things at my computer desk :P

If your volume is lower, keep in mind there is a Hi/Lo switch on the cable end that plugs into the headphones. See if that's set to Lo?

If you happen to bust your cord of your own fault, they are only $15 to replace OEM­/controller­?url­=­/shop­_online­/headphone...
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