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July 8th 2009 3:31 pm

Device thinks even non-copy protected video is copy-protected

This device seemed like a great idea at the time in order for me to record surgical video from my operating room microscope. I even bought the docking station to easily come out from an sVHS connection from the operating room camera, into the dock. 5-10 seconds into the beginning of a recording, the device often automatically changes into P (protected) mode, designed to prevent pirating of videos. Once in protected mode, the resulting recording can only be viewed on the Archos player, with absolutely no way of copying it to a computer for editing for my presentations. I spent many hours trying to resolve this with messages to their tech support. I paid for a line signal leveling device in case micro fluctuations in voltage were being confused as Macrovision and I even put in a Macrovision blocker but neither of these make a difference.

Bottom line, if you want to use this device to capture video then be able to play and or edit it from any other device, AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

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