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July 10th 2009 9:18 pm

did you have any hardware problams?

after using this product for 6 months the air-phones jack isn't working properly... I'm sending it back for repair.

and what about you?

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My 5g had internet connection and hard disk errors straight out of the box. It would continually crash and re-start. Had to send it back and they sent me a brand new one. Only problem was they sent me a European version so no UK power lead. I contacted them again and they sent me a replacement power lead (which was not for the Archos 5!!).

I give up....
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I've got it for something like 2 months & I have notced blinking screen when backlight is set to LOW. when I change it to Medium or High blinking disappears..
I have opened ticket on Archos, but they didn't respond back to me

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I had to RMA my unit after less than a month due to a power button issue. It started out the unit would turn itself on and off and got to the point it would not come on at all. Power button is flimsy and easily damaged if you press too hard. Other than that I love this thing.
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