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September 21st 2012 8:59 am

Do I have to update a 3GS to iOS 6 in order to install a backup onto the iPhone 5?

I will be helping my sister set up her iPhone 5 today and it will be easier if we can just back up her 3GS and restore the backup onto the iPhone 5. Does the backup need to be from iOS 6? Or is the best bet to just start fresh with the iPhone 5?
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There is not really any difference between doing the 3GS upgrade -> backup -> iPhone 5 restore, as opposed to just restoring the 3GS backup directly. The backup is going to get upgraded to iOS 6 either way.

Just make sure you upgrade to iTunes 10.7 before you do the final backup on the 3GS.
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kylesturgeon's pick

I'm pretty sure you can restore an iOS 5 backup to iOS 6.
Your best bet is to try it, if it doesn't work then just upgrade the 3GS to iOS 6 then try the backup again.
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