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September 24th 2011 2:10 pm

Do you ever have problems with the Sonos Bridge dropping Zone Players or speakers?

Been having a weird issue lately where I fire up the Sonos app on the iPad, iPhone, computer, etc., only to find that my Sonos speakers aren't detected. I basically have to do the setup process all over again. This happens about once a week.

Any idea what's going on?
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Dropouts of part of your Sonos network are usually caused by IP address clashes somewhere on your network.

The solution is to turn everything off, then turn it back on in stages starting with the router, then the Sonos players, then any attached PCs and other devices.
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I sometimes find my iOS devices suggest that there are less zones than there should be, however, a hard reset of the app tends to fix this straight away.
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My Sonos system consisted of a Bridge and 2 Connects. My music library is encoded in FLACC.

The home network environment is multiple Windows 7 and 8 machines on a WNDR4500 Netgear router connected to a DSL modem with a 5.2 Mbps Internet connection.

The problem with the Sonos controller is that it stops sending the audio to the speakers when playing music or internet radio. The controller thinks it is still playing but there is no sound from the speakers. When this happens, the queue does not respond to the controller and browsing the music library does not work.

This problem is regular and persistent and does not depend on whether the connects are grouped, ungrouped or only one connect is powered up.

A windows machine sitting beside the connects will stream audio wirelessly from the library with no problem.

A temporary fix appears to be to re-index the music library. If the library is not re-indexed, then attempting to browse the library in the controller gets an error message "Unable to browse music". After a few minutes of playing after the queue is re-indexed, the problem reappears.

I believe that the Sonos controller has problems with the music buffer overflowing into the music index data and the queue data. Also, the Sonos mesh network processing is overloading the network so that the controller loses the connection to the music library.

Sonos tech support never acknowledged the problem early on, did not offer any constructive suggestions and dithered until after the return period was up.

A partial fix was to replace the Sonos supplied Ethernet cable with a CAT5 shielded cable. This allowed the Connects to play but they still suffered from network interference (e.g. cordless phone).

The complete fix was to replace the Sonos Bridge with a Netgear Wireless Extender, plug the Connects into the Extender and remove the Bridge.
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System instabilities like the one you experienced are often the consequence of wireless interference that disrupt the network connections of the players. The Sonos debugging tools described at­/articles­/hidden­-sonos­-interface allow you to monitor the strength of the WiFi signal and check if that is indeed the root cause of your problems.
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