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October 24th 2012 6:20 pm

Do you leave all notifications on or do you keep them disabled?

One thing I've often read with regards to planning and time management is to disable all notifications for things distracting like email. The idea being things that have constant updates or notification pull your attention away from what you're working on. Over the past week with my switch from Tweetdeck to Tweetbot I thought I'd miss built in growl notifications but it's honestly been nice. At first I was going between Tweetbot and my browser so much it was slowing me down (I use twitter for news updates) a bit but I've trained my brain to just peak every so often when I need a mental break. It's been so nice even I've thought about disabling notifications for everything on not just my desktop but also my phone and tablet; maybe even disabling push on my email clients too.

Is anyone here going notification free and finding it works out well for them?
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I don't use them at all on my computers. I know I have email waiting in the queue at any given minute, so I just check it when I can. That being the case, I have sounds turned off on my phone for email and just let it vibrate for the first new email and not every one. The only thing I let make audible notifications is text messaging because I generally don't get texts unless they are important. For Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc..., I have notifications turned off completely and just check them when I have free time. I can't imagine getting notifications for all this stuff constantly. It would drive me crazy fast.
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I have a mixed set up with my notifications. My social networking sites are mostly non-notifications except for direct interactions. My personal text and email are set to notify for all incoming. My work email has no notifications set so that I don't get distracted by requests all day. I don't know if I could go all in on no notifications but it is a nice idea to think about.
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