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November 30th 2011 1:36 pm

Does Amazon's MP3 store remember past purchases, similar to what iTunes now does?

One of the reasons I've enjoyed purchasing music from Amazon is because I get actual MP3's. However, I seem to recall that in the past, they wouldn't remember past purchases. So, if you're hard drive crashes and takes your hard earned music with you, so long!

This is something that is really interesting about iTunes and iTunes Match. Knowing that I'll have instant access to all my past purchases on all my Apple devices. That said, I prefer Amazon since they actually provide MP3s.

Anyway, does Amazon now remember past purchases?
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They didn't before, but since they introduced the Cloud Drive you can download any purchases you've made since then again anytime. Anything you bought before that, however, can't be downloaded again as far as I'm aware.
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And to cover all the bases, Dave, Google Music will remember all your purchases.
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If I remember correctly, you have to configure your MP3 purchases to go directly to cloud drive and then download from there to have them stored forever. If you download directly after purchase, they don't magically go in for free storage and perpetual availability. That may have changed, as I haven't looked at it since setting it up.
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