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Does anyone know if it will be technically possible to install MeeGo on the N8?

I got excited when I read about Nokia pushing an official firmware update to the N900 that will allow dual-boot between Maemo and MeeGo. Is the N8's chipset compatible with MeeGo?

I'm in the market to buy a new phone (my iPhone 3G is being a real dog) and hardware-wise, the N8 is what I crave, but OS-wise, I'm thinking Symbian^3 would eventually piss me off. I'm thinking it will take all of my willpower to hold off until the fabled N9 arrives running MeeGo.

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I seriously doubt it.....if only cause "If it was possible, someone would've done it!", however the device is just getting into the hands of users so lets see. (Also, less ram, cpu/gpu horsepower, Meego optimized for Cortex A9 while Symbian HW is a lot let powerful given its flexibility. + not all the features like USB OTG & stellar camera quality would make the jump imho).

As for the N9, there is a QT seminar in Dublin coming up in November & I've heard from a couple of sources that we may see something re the N9 there (but more credible sources say that the device should not be expected before MWC '11).

Also, The Meego release for the N900 is not officially supported by Nokia and not the N9 version (different UI layers etc) but the community (stock) version of Meego.

PR1.3 is expected before Christmas. As with 1.2, ymmv depending on the carrier.
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Who knows how effective Meego will be on the N900 either and anywhere near representative of future Meego sets? As Munk said, they will simply give you the ability in the 'here, do with it what you will' vibe that the N-series 'tablets' always has had.

I thought about getting rid of the N900 to make way for WP7 but it's a tough decision as there's a lot I like about the N900 (as well as a lot I hate) - so the announcement for Meego was a nice 'present' in that I can hang onto the Nokia as a 'noodling handset'. Well that, and because the resale value of these things is in the toilet :p

You're better off waiting. Or giving Windows Mobile a whirl if you don't want to go the Android route as a temporary stepping stone.
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You can do wait for the N9 that what i will do
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