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September 17th 2011 4:08 pm

Does anyone think this will be worth the upgrade over the S95?

I have had the S90 which I lost in a cab in San Francisco :( and purchased the S95 to replace. I may sell my S95 and get this, the S series have been a great line of cameras for when I do not want to lug my Nikon D7000 or D90 around.
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The improvements:
  • Slightly better lens (35mm film equivalent: 24-120mm from 28-105mm) with slightly better macro performance (you can get a little tighter 1.2" versus 2")
  • low light performance improvements (claimed - probably modest as the sensor is the same size)
  • slightly faster shutter (1/2000 versus 1/1600)
  • and 1080 video at 24 fps.
Reason enough to upgrade? Absent the reviewers finding something during hands-on testing that is truly awesome, I wouldn't be tempted; but I wouldn't mock someone that did decide to upgrade.
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The Verge claims that low light is better on the S95 vs S100. Grips and telephoto range are a big improvement. GPS is a nice feature, but not really usable indoors-- I would be curious to compare an S95+EyeFi with Location vs S100. The price difference is now about 30%. For my parents, I am considering to get them an S95 (after they saw my new S100)
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I still have the S90. I think the grip they added might be reason enough for me. I feel like the S90 is hard to hold in some cases.
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I'm planning to upgrade from my S90, but mainly because the S90 can only capture VGA video. For taking still pictures, the S90 is still an excellent performer. If I had the S95, I would wait for reviews first. I doubt the image quality is drastically improved to warrant an immediate purchase.
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