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June 28th 2011 5:24 pm

Does LG or Virgin Mobile have any plans to upgrade the Optimus phone?

The LG Optimus V is running Android 2.2, and 2.3 has been available for quite some time. Not to mention 4.0 being released later this year.
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LG originally said they would not update the Optimus One line of phones, then later backtracked and said they would bring Gingerbread to them, but that was in December of last year, so who knows what their position on this is now.


I highly doubt any of the Optimus One phones will get any more dessert from the Goog.
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The optimus S has gotten the gingerbread update. So I would asssume the same for the V
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According to the "LG Optimus One" Wikipedia page (which is the family of phones the LG Optimus V falls into), the Gingerbread update is starting to be rolled out in Europe (of all place Romania).
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