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December 12th 2013 9:49 pm

Does the Google Nexus 5 feel solid in the hand? Does it feel like a premium device?

It looks really light in the video reviews. This is why I'm asking this question.
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I'm a guy who finds this a very important point. It's one of the main reasons I can never own a Samsung with those cheap-looking/feeling glossy plastics they use. In most cases, I never feel any company can compete with HTC and Apple's premium feel, other than the occasional device.

The Nexus 5, in my opinion, really does feel like a premium device. It sure looks it and feels it.
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I recently ditched my beloved Galaxy Nexus for the Nexus 5. Perhaps the most immediate impression I have of the Nex5 is that it is startlingly light. I've handed it to friends to play with, and they almost always say, "Whoa!" and heft it a few times. I thought the GNex was pretty svelte, but the Nex5 takes the sleekness to a whole new level.

However, it feels anything but cheap or flimsy. The glass on the front is gorgeous, and the back is a solid plastic that has a slightly soft texture. It feels really good to hold, to take calls on, and to interact with. Sometimes I feel like I might drop it because it is so thin and smooth, but that's about the only drawback I can think of.

Yes, I just said it's only drawback is that it's TOO nice. :)
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Yes, it feels very solid to me. The soft-touch back (and sides) also makes it feel a lot less fragile than the Nexus 4. I have dropped mine a few times with virtually no damage.
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From personal point of view, it neither feels solid nor premium. But is a pleasure to hold. Once you start using the device, you will forget about the hardware. Kitkat hypnotizes you.
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