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July 29th 2011 3:23 pm

Does the Roku 2 have the ability to set a static IP address?

The biggest complaint I have with the XD and XDS is that they only allow dynamically assigned IP addresses. Since my home is all static IP addresses I had to do a bit of configuration to run a DHCP server just for these two boxes.
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Did a quick search for you and found this:­/viewtopic.php­?f­=28­&t­=35308­&...

What you can do is give the device an IP reservation through your router. Just identify the Roku's MAC address and then you should be able reserve an IP for it in your router. What will happen is the device will still make DHCP calls but the router will know to give the device the same IP all the time.
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No, is the short answer. One can get around it using DHCP Static lease, the problem with that in some cases is that they don't always work. The DHCP gets confused, thinks the reserved addresses are taken, and wont issue them to their assigned MAC addresses, but also wont assign alternate addresses to those MAC addresses. So you end up with no connectivity and a bunch of self assigned addresses. I just did a list of Static Leases and that is exactly what happened, and was unresolvable till I removed the list.
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