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Easy way to get iTunes content on to Android?

Hello all,

As a exclusive apple user over the years I am seriously considering jumping ship to the new HTC One. My biggest concern is all the iTunes music and other content I have acquired over the years. Is it easy to get that migrated over to Android?
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Another option, if you usually have access to the cloud (network access or WIFI), is to just use Google Music. All you have to do is download the desktop client and have it sync all of your library for you. Then your music will be available to you on any device, assuming you also have network access. This is an issue for some people (frequent flyers, long train commutes with bad coverage, etc), but I don't have a problem with it.
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If it's not DRM protected it's just a matter of copying files. DoubleTwist is a popular client that people like for having an iTunes like management system for copying files.
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As the others pointed out for Music its a simple thing to do.
  • Apps is a given they can't be transferred.
  • Ring tones you may need to convert them from the apple format to MP3. you can do this in garage band on a Mac.
  • Movies and TV Shows are going to be your problem since they do have DRM. There is software out there that says it can remove the DRM i have not tried any so i can't say if it works or not. In my case for the most part i just watch my movies and TV shows on my TV though my apple TV. the newer Movies now have Digital Copy and Ultraviolet. the Ultraviolet ones you can watch on android devices. for any home movies and movies you may have ripped you should be able to play those fine on your Android phone.

For the most part I gave up trying to get my Movies and TV Shows to play on my Android phones as i use the iPad more for watching media and my phones more for listening to music and playing games to kill time.
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Google Music.

If you download and install the Google Music desktop application, you can tick a box that says, "Automatically upload songs added to iTunes" In doing so, all your iTunes info (at least in my case) is uploaded to Google's cloud- songs, playlists and ratings (I think 4+ stars = a thumbs up, but you can also change the Google Music rating system from thumbs up to stars in Google Labs if you'd like). At that point, you can download all your music to your device if you'd like or stream it. Pretttty awesome.
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Here's something I found in the engadget review of the HTC One.

"The second feature to support new users is a beefed up version of the HTC Sync Manager. Where previously you could only transfer iOS contacts to an HTC device over Bluetooth, now you can use the new Sync Manager to grab your various types of iOS content: contacts, calendar, pictures, DRM-free videos and DRM-free music. The trick? This is actually done via iTunes, so you'll need to make sure it has the latest backup of your iOS device before you start the migration. Sadly, there's no way to sync text messages and matching apps across the two rival platforms just yet, but it's probably just a matter of time."

Sounds like it could be an easy switch then.
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with MobileGo for Android, you can easily do that­/watch­?v­=i­_oxNtDojnc
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Hello, you have to remove DRM from iTUnes video. Maybe an effective M4V converter program. You can try to search M4V Covnerter Genius in Google. Good luck!
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