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December 26th 2011 8:15 pm

Good but cheap covers for Kindle Touch

I just got a Kindle Touch and it seems fantastic, but I'd like a little more protection for that gorgeous screen. I'd love for something along the lines of the iPad 2's smart cover, which doesn't add much bulk to the device itself but still guards the tablet well.

Any recommendations? Amazon's leather lighted cover seems nice, but it's way more expensive than I'd hoped.

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Unfortunately I haven't had much luck in this same realm, as there just aren't the mass of manufacturers for Amazon's products. I'm likely to pick up one of Timbuk2's sleeves (though they're not cheap).
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Although not cheap (at $30 is 30% of the price of the Kindle itself) I ended up buying the Marware Atlas Cover, and I'm happy I did. I find it adds a lot of sturdiness to the reader, and the backhandle is a very nice touch: it helps a lot when changing reading positions, or when reading while on your chest or on your side.

My dad actually said he wanted a Kindle Touch for himself ONLY if I also got for him this cover.

On the bad side, the holding mecanism is not very pretty. Also, acccess to the on/off button is a bit hidden. I have noticed that it's staining a bit the back of my kindle.­/atlas­-kindle­-touch­-cover
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