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September 9th 2011 9:59 pm

Great, In Ear, Sound Isolating, Headphones for iPhone?


After 4 years of every day use, my Shure EC 102, In Ear. Noise Cancelling headphones are finally on the fritz.

I like, that they go deep in my ear, and that the cable goes over the back of my ear, and that they cancel unwanted noise pretty well, and are extremely comfy, (10 hour flight, recently, no problem), and they work with my iPhone..

I don't want, big, over the ear, late night radio talk show host, headphones, cos they make my ears hot. (my wife has a great pair of Sennheisers, I've tried them)

I use them every day on NYC Subway commutes and long flights with my iPad and iPhone..

Any good sub $100 recommendations?

Are Beats Audio In Ear Headphones any good?

I am reluctant to buy them, because they are linked to Monster (I hate how Monster have screwed people with over priced HDMI cables in the past) but I hear good things about Beats Audio??

Shure have been awesome for me over the last 6 years?..

What do the gdgt folks like?


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I posted this in another discussion on Gdgt but I really like my UltimateEars MetroFi 170­/ultimate­-ears­/metrofi­/170/ for inexpensive headphones. The one complaint I have is they don't put out enough low frequency for a nice even balance but for sub $50 I can't really expect the world. I don't use these on an iPhone but they do make the 170vi which comes with a mic for answering and talking on your iPhone.­/Ultimate­-Ears­-Isolating­-Earphones­-M...
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swin1974's pick

If you like in-ears and don't have a big budget, I would go with either the Klipsch image S4i or the AKG Q350, they sound super crisp on a budget. The sound isolation is O.K. on those, but if you need better, I would suggest the Etymotic MC3, they have the best sound isolation I experienced, but they are less accurate than the AKG and less bass heavy than the Klipsch.

About Monster's Beats by Dre line, they are extremely bass heavy, to the point of totally unnatural sound, which means that they are great for Hip-Hop and some electronic stuff, but suck for Rock. As someone who makes a living selling all of the above save the Klipsch, I can tell you that AKG give you better sound quality for the buck than any other company on the market and I currently use the Q350 myself.
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