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July 6th 2011 12:52 am

Has anyone else experienced a video issue when upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04?

This is a case that involves the Nvidia Ion GPU. VLC Media Player has great hardware acceleration but the same HD shows (downloaded with Miro) I watched in 10.10 were stuttering after the upgrade. I'm attributing the issue to a different driver since it's been fixed upon reverting.

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I would try switching up the restricted video driver you're using. Ubuntu usually gives you a couple different version so try them out. Maybe the one you're using doesn't work well in 11.04.

Also remember you can pull up the Nvidia Settings panel by launching it from a terminal like so: gksudo nvidia-settings

If you have trouble saving the changes to X hit the "Preview" button to bring up the file, copy and paste the text into another editor. Then do a sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf to open up the file with SU permissions and paste the update info into Xorg.
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I can't specifically say for the NVIDIA ION, but towards the end of the life of 10.10 I started experiencing problems with NVIDIA's GeForce GTS 250 GPU performance. Originally this card was chosen for my custom build because it was well supported (10.04 and prior).

When the performance started to get extremely flaky (inability to maintain display settings, window redraw problems, glitchy video playback, freezing), I upgraded to 11.04 in hopes that my problem was somehow attributed to a setting I may have inadvertently changed. Not so.

Somewhere along the line, the NVIDIA driver supplied in Ubuntu ceased to function, and I seem to remember that a number of people have a similar problem. Once I discovered this was the case, I (being short on time) gave up and stripped the desktop of any eye candy and new functionality by using the Gnome Classic setting. Video playback and screen redraw can be problematic still, but the desktop (barely) functions.

I don't have the links to my original findings, but my recommendation is to scour Ubuntu Forums. You may just find people with your exact problem, and maybe even a solution or explanation.

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Were you using the default Unity desktop of 11.04? It puts a hit on graphics performance. Perhaps it would have worked as expected if you had chosen Ubuntu Classic Desktop on the login screen?

Every time in the past that I have told myself upgrading to a later Ubuntu might make video performance, I have generally found the opposite to be the case. I'm becoming more inclined to just live with whatever version I have indefinitely once I have everything working as expected with the video hardware. If something becomes a problem, then I upgrade. It has become enough of a problem that I am seriously contemplating a move to Debian, where things stay more stable thanks to not getting new features as quickly.
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Well, do you get the message for proprietary nVidia Drivers? If you do, you should install the latest version via "System/Administration/Additional Drivers". If you do not, please DO NOT USE NVIDIA'S "LINUX" DRIVERS, as they may require some system meddling to install and even more to uninstall! Instead, use the latest "Transition" driver from the Ubuntu Software Center (Centre). Yes, I know they are ancient notebook drivers, but I remember someone using nVidia GeForce GT210M drivers on an ION card. I say GT210M, but I have it, and it is called a G210M. "GT210M" cards were advertised on PC World's website for my laptop...

Product links:
nVidia ION:­/object­/sff­_ion­_uk.html
nVidia GeForce:­/object­/geforce­_family­_uk.html
Cannonical Ubuntu (stupid link, yes I know)
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