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Has anyone gotten the sync to work reliably between devices? My setup currently is the original nook and iPhone app.

For some reason the page I am currently on does not seem to be sent to the server at any particular time on either device. Sometimes I can coax it into doing this by refreshing my library on each device, but if I just put the device down or close the app it does not send my current page to the server. Has anyone else experienced this? I do have the book setup for syncing on the nook itself and it works very infrequently. I am debating switching to a Kindle just for the Whispersync which seems from everything I have read to be reliable Is there a fix or something I am not doing?

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Yeah BN needs to work on this. I have trouble keeping my Nook synced with the Android and PC apps. Amazons not an option for me I don't trust them with hardware after that 1984 incident. Admittedly they have gotten better, but it will take a couple more years for me to forget.
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I don't try anyway. When I'm reading the same book on two or more devices (Nook, Nexus One, Galaxy Tab; I don't read books on my PC) it decides I'm on the first page of the book.
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