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Has anyone tried Cyanogenmod 7 on this?­/topic­/14637­-cyanogenmod­-7­-fo...

I run it on my Nexus One and wonder how it compares to TNT/Vegan on a tablet. I've been looking for a straight Rooted Honeycomb port, but no luck so far.

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I used to run CM7 with tablet tweaks. I stayed on the nightlies and noticed rapid improvements. It was definitely the best pre-Honeycomb experience I had on the gtab.

That being said, Honeycomb has been ported to it, and I've been sticking with that. It's amazing, but YouTube doesn't work - yet.
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I run CM7 with tablet tweaks. Very nice.
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I don't think CM7 or any Gingerbread-based ROM supports hardware acceleration. I found HD video to be annoyingly choppy in YouTube and the Revision3 app.

This was my biggest reason for sticking with VEGANTAB 5.1, which is based on FroYo.

Hopefully nVidia/Viewsonic release Gingerbread drivers for this unit soon.
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I'm running CM7 with tablet tweaks but moving to Honeycomb.
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I'm currently running a nightly build of CM7 and loving it. I used Vegan-Tab RC1 for about a month and it worked well. The Netflix app doesn't play nice with Vegan so after test driving a very early Honeycomb alpha over Memorial Day weekend I put CM7 on it and everything is working very well.
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