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Has anyone upgraded their AT&T Pre+ to 2.1 as per ?

Has anyone upgraded their AT&T Pre+ to 2.1 as per www.webos­­/wiki­/WebOS­_2­_Upgrade ?

If so how long does the process usually take?

In addition, if someone has a AT&T Pre+ on T-Mo would it even be possible to flash it into a O2 unlocked model? It's already unlocked and I don't use the 3G bands on it so no worries there.

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The process takes about the same no matter what version you are flashing. I have done a couple Verizon flashes and AT&T. It takes about 30min - 1 hour to download, run scripts, flash, and setup the phone. I'd count on spending 2 hours if you want to re-download your apps etc.
One problem on the AT&T flash is that you cannot buy/download any apps that require a 2.x+ profile because the Palm profile stays at 1.4.5 for some reason. More and more apps are requiring 2.x+ profiles so there are some you just won't be able to get.
As for the T-Mo/O2 question I am not sure because I never tried.
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