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How can I delete imported photos from the Photo Album app on the iPad?

Over the last few months, I've imported a number a photos directly to my iPad, using the Apple Camera Connection Kit. Now that everything had finally been brought over to my computer, I want to get rid of them.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure there's an easy solution. If I open up the Photo Album app and look at the recent events, I see all the various imported events listed. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to individually remove the events. It looks like I have to go into the event, and then manually click on hundreds of photos to remove them!

Is there an easier way? This seems insane!

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The only method I have found to do this is to open up Image Capture, import all photos somewhere you can easily delete them from (e.g. a new folder on your desktop) but ensure that you have 'Delete after import' box checked so that they are deleted from the iPad as the import happens. Hey Presto!
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Sorry, bad answer, but sliding your finger makes it a little easier.

Go to the folder with the photos you want to delete on your iPad, then tap the icon in the top right (box with an arrow in it) then hold on one of the photo till you see a check mark appear on it. Then you can tap, or slide your finger along the photos you want to select, then press the red delete button at the bottom.
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Isn't there an option to select multiple photos and delete them all at once in iOS 5? I don't have my devices with me at the moment so I can't check but I'm pretty sure you can... Maybe that's just within an album though.
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Try to use ifunbox software and find the pics on ipad var dir. You need to dl afc2add from cydia too, hope this will help you.
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If you are sure you have all your pictures backed up to your pc and not just in iTunes, then there is another way. Not any easier, just another way :-) Once you have connected your iPad to the pc and the backup is done, in windows explorer navigate to your ipad. (my windows 7 automatically brings this up when I connect) Go to the internal storage. You will see a folder named DCIM. Open this folder and it will contain folders with alpha-numerical names each of these will contain a different set of pictures. Find the ones you want to delete and delete that folder. Or just individual ones. If you have the iPad set to sync with a particular folder, I just created a folder in mypictures call iPad pics and pointed it to sync there. That way I can control the folders and pics on my iPad from there.
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you can jailbreak your iPad to get an app that allows you to select multiple photos or albums and delete them
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It won't be difficult if you connect your iPad to computer and deleted the photos.
Read this guide:­/knowledge­/how­-to­-delete­-photos­-on­-ip...
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